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  • Years of experience.
  • Prices on our Web site.
  • Speak directly with a  technician.
  • Accurate phone quote.
  • Same day assessment (no charge).
  • Fast, Quality & Secure recovery, because
  • Our business is only data recovery.
  • No recovery - no fee.
  • Secure payment with VISA or Mastercard after you approve the results.
  • No sales tax (Oregon).
  • Non Clean Room, in-house, low cost recovery.
We are an authorized VISA & MasterCard service vendor.

For Clean Room Repair, we recommend Ontrack, the world leader in clean room recovery.

The CompTIA A+ certification is an industry-wide vendor-neutral program.

17+ years in Qwest DEX

The CompTIA A+ certified professional logo is a registered trademark of CompTIA (the Computing Technology Industry Association) All rights reserved. The CompTIA A+ certification is an industry-wide vendor-neutral program

Advantages of using a forensic recovery company ... 
Our STANDARD RECOVERY includes using:
  • Forensic data recovery hardware that is:
    • Non-destructive (i.e. prohibits drive alterations)
    • Industry standard
to carefully access your faulty media at the lowest level and extract, to our media, the raw data still available, which is then reconstructed and repaired into a usable form for recovery of your data files by name and folder ...
For files and folders that are non-recoverable by name (e.g. the file or folder name no longer exists or no longer points to the correct data), we use our experience in forensic recovery that includes:
  • File-signature search (finds files when names are destroyed. Great for JPG, DOC, XLS, QBW, PST, AOL mail and many more). 
  • Content/keyword searches
  • fragmented file repair (limited) 
  • NTFS compressed files in unallocated space.
  • working with clients to find the target data.
  • and many more forensic techniques ...
Why use forensic data recovery hardware?
  1. It allows the least invasive access to your hard drive.
  2. It is non-destructive and prevents overwriting 'lost' data.
  3. It will protect and preserve your hard drive as evidence.
  4. or for potential clean room repair.
We are a non-clean room recovery service and have a significantly lower cost vs. clean room repair facilities.
Do you need a clean room?
You may need clean room repair if your drive:
  • is intermittently detected by the computer 
  • is not detected by the computer
  • is detected incorrectly, such as:
    • ''Maxtor N40P''
    • ''Maxtor Athena''
    • ''Maxtor Romulus''
    • ''Maxtor Rigel''
    •  or other
  • is 'clicking'
FREE, FAST hard drive assessment, upon arrival.
We can use our forensic recovery equipment, when the drive arrives, to have a safe 'first look' to assess the drive for you.
If you do not need a clean room, we should be able to recover your data much faster, at a lower price, than a clean room.
If you do need a clean room, we may be able to offer "same day" shipping of the drive to Ontrack, or return it to you.
You will need clean room repair if your drive:
  • is not spinning
  • is making 'scraping' sounds
For clean room repair we suggest Ontrack.
We are a Star Partner with Ontrack Data Recovery, the worlds leading clean room recovery service.
Dial 1-800-872-2599 and please reference 744981 so that we may provide additional follow-up support.
We often work with Chris, who will listen to you and you will be able to understand. You may reach Chris at extension 4127. Reference 744981 and we will be able offer additional support in conjunction with your recovery.
Industry consolidation cycle continues: Summary of an "Important Announcement from Ontrack" (dated Jan 31, 2006), Ontrack has acquired Ibas Holdings ASA. Earlier in 2005, Ibas acquired Vogon International.
In our opinion, for many years, Ontrack has been the best clean room worldwide, Vogon was number three on our list and rising (as it expanded into the US market). Together, they form a cleanroom ''powerhouse'' that cannot currently be matched in quality and versatility.