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Curriculum Vitae

Coast Two Data Recovery - History & Experience

Independently owned and operated. 
Based in Eugene, Oregon.
Serving the West Coast’s basic and forensic data recovery needs.
1979 through the early 1980’s, Ross was working with computers in BASIC, FORTRAN, Machine Language and DATA STORAGE STRUCTURES and had multiple projects published by a national computing publication. By 1984, Ross had been performing data recovery on  5 & 1/4 inch floppies (and still has the original tools). In the early 1990’s ‘Computer Advisors’ was started as a company that performed on-site service in the region. Further specializing and a narrowing focus led to a name change in the late 1990’s to PC PRO and included Disaster Recovery service, which led to greater demand for the data recovery aspects of disasters and the latest incarnation now named Coast Two Data Recovery, which began forming in 1999.
Since the early 1990’s (through 2015) these entities, collectively, have performed thousands of service calls for contract, subcontract and emergency computer work; for corporations, medium and small sized businesses and individuals in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Colorado, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Texas, North Carolina and more.
Business customers/jobs have included:
  • Weyerhaeuser
  • Staples
  • CMC Group (Denver, CO)
  • DBM Productions (Colorado)
  • Oregon Health Science University Hospital in Portland (multiple recoveries)
  • AirBC at PDX - Portland International Airport (multiple)
  • A national bank (based in North Carolina)
  • Oregon Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (multiple)
  • United States Dept. of Agriculture - Forest Service
  • University of Oregon - Administrative (multiple)
  • University of Oregon - Bookstore
  • University of Oregon - other Depts.
  • Portland Community College - faculty - Rock Creek Campus
  • The Oregonian (Portland, OR)
  • The Register Guard
  • Freightliner Corp. (multiple)
  • South Lane School District
  • Dari-Mart Corp. (RAID Server rebuild)
  • Best Western Motel - RoomMaster database recovery
  • AvenueA-Razorfish (Portland, OR)
  • Blackwell's Book Service (Lake Oswego, OR)
  • Wildish Construction (Eugene, OR)
  • BodyBuilding.com (Boise, ID)
  • Capital Medical (Olympia, WA)
  • Digital Archive Services (Portland, OR)
  • Kinesis Corp. (Bothell, WA)
  • Microvision (Redmond, WA)
  • CESCO (Meridian, ID)
  • Oregon Heating
  • US Airconditioning (Boise, ID)
  • Western Oregon Web Press (Albany, OR)
  • Homestead Mortgage (multiple, Kirkland,WA) 
  • First Horizon Home Loans (Lynwood,WA)
  • Holgate Terrace Apts. (Portland, OR)
  • Doctors (including at least two plastic surgeons’ lost client photos)
  • Medical billing company databases (multiple)
  • Servers (multiple)
  • RAID arrays for ISP’s (multiple)
  • RAID-5 CHALLENGE! 4 drives total, 1 dead and 2 damaged, 100% recovery! It can be done.
  • Lawyers (client & personal) (multiple)
  • Radio stations (lost music) (multiple)
  • Architects (AutoCad '.dwg' & more) (multiple)
  • Automotive shops (Mitchell's database & more)
  • Veterinarians (Cornerstone database & more)
  • Betsey's Bonnets (Seattle, WA)
  • Williams Bakery
  • Food For Lane County
  • Shorewood Packaging
  • Eterra (Alaska) 
  • Many more ...
Consumer jobs have included:
  • family photos (JPGs)
  • videos
  • Word, Excel, Outlook
  • Quickbooks
  • Family Tree Maker
  • school work (many a thesis!)

Forensic jobs have included:

  • Civil cases
    • Plaintif/Defense
    • Divorce/custody
    • Employer/employee disputes
    • Other
  • Criminal cases
    • Defendant
    • Victim
  • “usage audit” of employees, spouse and kids’ computers
  • In Oregon, Washington & Idaho (many in Boise & Ada County)

I have been interviewed multiple times (including ‘on air’ for a few newscasts) as a media consultant on Data Recovery and computer technical issues by KMTR-TV (NBC) and KVAL-TV (CBS).
     Ross A. Johnson,
     Owner, Coast Two Data Recovery