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Coast Two Data Recovery - VISA / Mastercard / Govt. PO


RAID Storage Recovery

  • Hardware RAID
  • Software RAID
  • Multi-partitioned
  • RAID 0 - 6
  • NON-standard RAID (e.g. 10, 53)
  • Proprietary file system
  • External storage
  • Compressed or Encrypted
  • We do not need the controller

$159000 (starting)


to recover all data files available.

Recovery returned on your "destination" thumbdrive/harddrive.



Why we recover to a "destination" drive you provide:

1. You know what you need for your "system" (e.g. size, cabling, color, etc)
2. We are not a retailer, therefore no warranty,
3. You may order from your prefrerred vendor and have them ship direct to us.

Example configuration recovery prices
RAID-5, 3 drives, 1 partition, server, priority service:


RAID-5, 4 drives, 3 partitions, server, priority service:



Return Media pricing:

 • Extra return media - $5 (labor & disk) per DVD or CD 

 • Hard Drive purchase (for return recovery) $150-$350



We accept:

• VISA      MasterCard      Amex

• Govt. PO    Cashier’s Check    Money Order

We now accept personal, business and corporate checks with, at least, a 14 day delay for the check to 'clear' before return shipping can occur.


Call or TEXT


for an accurate RAID quote

of any RAID configuration

(e.g. smaller/older RAID may quote below price page)

Speak directly with a technician!
Monday -  Friday
Call during Business hours and a tech should answer.


RAID Recovery
VISA or MasterCard accepted
 after you approve the results.

$159000 (starting)




RAID Pricing Formula:

  • RAID Arrays -
    • $795 (per drive, per partition)
      • times #of drives
      • times #of partitions.
  • Servers -
    • add $200
  • Priority Service -
    • add $300 per Hard Drive 
    • work continues after hours



$0 (no fee)

for a non-accessible drive or zero recovery.


Call for an accurate quote of any RAID configuration 


•  Windows 

•   Macintosh   •  Linux   •   Unix   •   Other?


for all data, and/or system rebuild:

      • Recovery of data only
      • Rebuild of working system
      • and much more, there are many variations, call for options and quote ...



RAID recovery is usually many GB, many files & folders and long paths; therefore return recovery on a hard drive is preffered. This will ease restoring at your end ...


 we will gladly recover to a spare hard drive you provide.